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An Exposé on Oregon’s Undocumented Labor Force

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Dependence, Visas, and Change: An Exploration of Oregon’s Undocumented Labor Force

By: Nico Hamacher '15 (3rd generation Ponzi)
Photos by: Nico Hamacher

On November - 28 - 2012

Each day, while business people work in offices and students study, produce is picked and packaged only miles away, dry wall is placed in homes, and hotel rooms are cleaned. As many people would assume, the majority of these jobs are done by immigrants from Central America and Mexico, and a portion of these workers have immigrated here without papers. Many, brought here as children, now regard the United...

“Ponzi Aurora Chardonnay will rival the best of Burgundy.”

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Wine, Etc.: Chardonnay still the king of the white wine market


The group was embarking on a campaign to get wine writers to recognize something other than Oregon's famous pinot noir. We were indeed impressed and even aged some of those wines to see if the winemakers were right about their lasting appeal.

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Oregon “A Perfect Match” for Pinot Noir

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"As the roster of Oregon wineries grew to 70 in 1990 and 135 in 2000, the most successful ones took their stylistic cues from Ponzi."

A Perfect Match
Pinot Noir has found an American home in Oregon
Wine Spectator  |  Harvey Steiman  |  Issue: December 15, 2012

The outlines began to form in the 1970s, as some of the state's first iconic estates sprang up. By 1975, Dick Erath and viticulturist Cal Knudsen had started Knudsen-Erath (now Erath) winery, and David Adelsheim had decided that working at a bank in Portland wasn't for him. Dick Ponzi, a structural engineer who had been...

NEW RELEASE! 2011 Riesling

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Stop by for a splash of the newest Ponzi release, 2011 Ponzi Riesling. It's a gorgeous expression of a dry Riesling- low alcohol, balanced acidity and downright spectacular flavors.

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