America’s Best Undiscovered Wines: Ponzi Pinot Gris

Posted Mon, January 09, 2012 in All Posts

The February edition of Food and Wine Magazine details several outstanding picks from Oregon that may not be on every consumer's radar. One of the recommendations is Ponzi Pinot Gris: "Ponzi, one of Oregon's most respected wineries makes textbook Pinot Gris.That means fresh nectarine and fresh peach flavors and zesty acidity." (Ray Isle, February 2012) Ponzi Pinot Gris is not only a delicious wine, but it is produced in an enviornmentally and socially conscious manner.

Oaked vs. Stainless Steel Chardonnay

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This week, taste the Ponzi Chardonnay and  Ponzi Chardonnay Reserve side-by-side and explore the differences between the two. Both are made from Chardonnay grapes, yet they vary greatly. Find out why one is fermented in oak barrels, and the other in stainless steel tanks. Open daily, 10-5pm at the Ponzi Estate Tasting Room in Beaverton and the Ponzi Wine Bar in Dundee.

Sommelier Rajat Parr Tastes Ponzi Pinot Noir

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Sommelier Rajat Parr walks through a tasting of great wines for the holidays. Do your own tasting of these wines with a gift pack of 50ml bottles from Right now you can buy the West Coast Pinots wine sampler pack, which includes the 2009 Ponzi Pinot Noir, for just $29.99. Sample six Pinots, then buy your favorites. The wine sampler packs also make great gifts paired with a gift card to

Old World vs. New World Dolcetto

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Taste Ponzi and Vietti Dolcettos side-by-side this weekend at the Estate Tasting Room in Beaverton. Learn about why the Ponzi family planted this Italian varietal in the Willamette Valley and their connection to Vietti Winery in the Piedmonte region of Northern Italy. The 2009 Ponzi Dolcetto is a new release and fantastic wine for winter.

Luisa Ponzi: 2nd Generation Shining Star

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Luisa Ponzi is featured in Wine Enthusiast's profile of second generation winemakers.


Who: Luisa Ponzi
Winery: Ponzi Vineyards
When the company was started: 1970
By whom: Dick and Nancy Ponzi

Luisa Ponzi, who became winemaker at Ponzi more than 18 years ago, has come a long way since she first started working in the family business.

“I first began working at the winery before I remember working at the winery,” she deadpans. “There are pictures of me helping at age one or two, though actual useful work probably didn’t occur until I was a...