Vineyard Critters

Posted Thu, September 25, 2014 in All Posts, Harvest

You know your grapes are sustainably grown when ladybugs are living in your fermenters! A healthy vine regimen throughout the year, helps eliminate the need for sprays, maintaining a thriving Eco-system.

Harvest Party 2014 at Ponzi Vineyards!

Posted Thu, September 25, 2014 in All Posts, Harvest

Ponzi's annual Harvest Party took place last weekend in celebration of Harvest 2014. Family and friends from all around Oregon came out early Sunday morning to help pick and enjoy a traditional Ponzi harvest lunch. Nancy Ponzi along with granddaughter Mia Hamacher brought freshly made sticky-buns out to the vineyard mid-morning for the guests to enjoy. At lunch, the celebration continued on the plaza with fresh caught Alaskan Halibut, creamy polenta, homemade desserts and more. Cheers to Harvest 2014!

A Truly Beautiful Vintage!

Posted Thu, September 18, 2014 in All Posts, Harvest

Perfectly ripened Pinot noir arrived from Ponzi Aurora Vineyard today. In the Chehalem Mountains, Pinot noir, Chardonnay and some Pinot gris is already making its way into the winery. Cool-climate varietals, like Pinot noir enjoyed ideal growing conditions this year. And now that harvest has begun, the weather continues to impress, with warm days and cool nights, bringing the fruit to ripeness. While many growers are anxious to pick, Winemaker Lusia Ponzi is taking advantage of the beautiful weather and waiting for that perfect moment to pick each site. Looking for explosive flavor to come...

Ponzi Harvest Tours

Posted Wed, September 03, 2014 in All Posts, Harvest, News, Tasting Room, Wine Events

Experience the excitement of Ponzi Harvest with a tour of the state-of-the-art, four-level, gravity-flow winemaking facility.

Warm weather hurries along grapes, leading to early harvest

Posted Tue, August 12, 2014 in All Posts, Harvest, Winery Update

Warm weather is hurrying things along in the vineyard and Harvest is just around the corner. We’re looking at picking 2-3 weeks early this year, with the first fruit expected to come in mid-September. Overall the fruit is looking very healthy and exhibiting some very pretty flavors. The cool nights we’ve had and will continue to see help maintain a balanced acidity. An early harvest typically means we avoid the threat of picking into the rainy season which is ideal for Oregon Harvest. With a healthy yield this vintage, we have the advantage of being able to drop fruit while maintaining...