Harvest Intern - Quinn!

Posted Fri, October 24, 2014 in All Posts, Harvest, Staff Fun Facts

Meet Quinn, one of Ponzi's Harvest Interns from down under! Quinn is from Melvin, Australia, and has worked at his family’s small boutique winery for the past 10 years. Quinn chose to intern in Oregon after hearing what a cool city Portland is, and because he wanted to learn more about the Willamette Valley's famous Pinot. At the moment Quinn's favorite wine is Gewürztraminer. Cheers to Quinn!

Ponzi Harvest Intern - Andreia

Posted Thu, October 16, 2014 in All Posts, Harvest, Staff Fun Facts

Meet Andreia, Ponzi’s Harvest Intern from Portugal! Andreia has worked in the wine industry since 2009, with this being her fifth year working harvest. She has worked in several different wineries in various countries, from Portugal to New Zealand to Oregon. She loves everything about making wine, and chose to work at Ponzi after hearing about Oregon’s high quality wines from friends in New Zealand. Her favorite wine from this region is the Pinot noir, especially when it is very well made and powerful like Ponzi’s Pinot. Cheers to Andreia!

Ponzi Harvest Intern - Alex

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Meet Alex, one of this year’s Ponzi Harvest Interns! Alex is from Denver, Colorado, and has worked in the wine industry for almost 5 years, mostly in New Zealand. Alex loves being able to still follow his passion of working with music while also working with wine, and in his spare time he writes his own music and performs at festivals. He enjoys Rieslings and other aromatic varietals, and is looking forward to working with new varietals he normally wouldn’t back home. Cheers to Alex!

2014 Ponzi Harvest Update!

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Vineyard Critters

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You know your grapes are sustainably grown when ladybugs are living in your fermenters! A healthy vine regimen throughout the year, helps eliminate the need for sprays, maintaining a thriving Eco-system.