2012 Ponzi Avellana and Aurora Chardonnays

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2012 Ponzi “Abetina 2” and “Vigneto” Pinot Noir

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2014 Ponzi Harvest Update!

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Warm weather hurries along grapes, leading to early harvest

Posted Tue, August 12, 2014 in All Posts, Harvest, Winery Update

Warm weather is hurrying things along in the vineyard and Harvest is just around the corner. We’re looking at picking 2-3 weeks early this year, with the first fruit expected to come in mid-September. Overall the fruit is looking very healthy and exhibiting some very pretty flavors. The cool nights we’ve had and will continue to see help maintain a balanced acidity. An early harvest typically means we avoid the threat of picking into the rainy season which is ideal for Oregon Harvest. With a healthy yield this vintage, we have the advantage of being able to drop fruit while maintaining...

Healthy vines, happy fruit

Posted Thu, July 17, 2014 in All Posts, Winery Update

The vines are off to a healthy start this vintage, with healthy fruit set and ample sun to keep things progressing on schedule. The vineyard crew has finished leaf pulling at all 130 acres of Ponzi vineyards and has begun hedging. By lopping off the tops of the canes, the vine’s energy is focused into the grape clusters. All vineyard maintenance this time of year is done by hand, ensuring minimal impact on our beautiful landscape.