A Proposed Laurelwood AVA

Posted Fri, April 01, 2016 in All Posts, News, Winery Update

The Laurelwood AVA is a proposed sub-AVA of the Chehalem Mountain AVA. It would comprise the entire North slope of the Chehalem Mountains and be made up of primarily Laurelwood soil. This basalt layer is ideal for the cultivation of Pinot noir and contributes a signature richness and depth to the wines. The Ponzi family has noted this effect over the 40 years they have been working with the soil.

Clonal Massale

Posted Tue, October 13, 2015 in All Posts, News, Winery Update

The method of planting Clonal Massale is taking a mix of known Pinot noir clones, hand-selected for a specific site and planting the cuttings at random in a single block. This technique "smooths the edges of vintage variation and adds complexity in the vineyard," according to Winemaker Luisa Ponzi.

2014 Ponzi Pinot Noir Rose is Bottled

Posted Fri, January 23, 2015 in All Posts, News, Winery Update

The 2014 Ponzi Pinot Noir Rosé is being bottled this week! This mouthwatering and lively wine pairs well with a variety of foods and is an ideal way to brighten up the winter months. Featuring a rich rosey-hue, it also makes the perfect aperitif to any Valentine’s Day setting. Be sure to follow Ponzi Vineyards on social media for the latest news on this exciting release.

Winter Wonderland at Ponzi Vineyards

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As winter approaches, the vines have lost their leaves in preparation for a long hibernation. Enjoy this winter wonderland by our firepit with a glass of Oregon Pinot.

2012 Ponzi Avellana and Aurora Chardonnays

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