One of Oregon’s greenest wineries

One of Oregon’s greenest wineries

Each of Ponzi Vineyards' 120 acres is LIVE-certified. The 43-year-old winery uses a gravity flow winemaking process, reuses its waste and storm water for irrigation, employs indirect natural lighting and energy efficient fluorescent lights and makes liberal use of solar panels. Plus, its landscaping features drought-resistant native plant species.

At the SBO/Portland Business Journal headquarters this week, everything’s turning up red. And white. And pinot, both noir and grigio.

That’s partly because my PBJ cohorts Tam Jenkins and Erik Siemers are preparing to release an eagerly awaited package that includes winery rankings and results of a comprehensive survey taken among the region’s top producers.

It’s also because our friend Ron “Mac” McDowell keeps, enticingly, inviting us to this weekend’s solar winery tour in Oregon’s grape country (we can’t go, but if you can swing it, check out Mac's invite).

A look at some sustainable winery practices in Oregon

At any rate, we thought we’d get in on the action by asking some of Oregon’s best-known wineries whether they practiced their craft sustainably. The answer, and I’m not surprised, was a resounding “absolutely.”

Many subscribe to principles, and are certified, via the Low Input Viticulture and Enology process that sanctions sustainable producers. The Oregon Environmental Council also validated that some of them met the group’s Carbon Neutral Challenge for Oregon Wineries standards. And the Oregon Certified Sustainable Wine group puts its stamp on several state producers’ offerings.

Click through the gallery above for a look at a few of Oregon’s greenest vintners.

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