What is Boutique Bulk?

Posted Thu, May 11, 2017 in All Posts, Tasting Room

In the archives as you enter Ponzi Vineyards, you will see a bottle unlike the others. Donned with a rosy-hued label, the mysterious 1978 “Boutique Bulk” stands as a symbol of tenacity and future prosperity.

In a year considered to be extremely warm, Ponzi Vineyards Founders Nancy and Dick Ponzi were concerned about how they might market this particular vintage. Simultaneously, they were tiring of the never-ending comments about their “hobby” winery and all the “fun” they must be having making wine “up there” in Oregon. Not thrilled to put the Ponzi label on this vintage, the Ponzis released the Pinot noir as “Boutique Bulk”. It was introduced to the market at $7 a bottle. The irony, of course, is that what was considered a warm vintage in a cool climate, and could have been considered a failure, has evolved into a beautiful example of well-aged Oregon Pinot noir. Aside from the year it was released, it has never been commercially available.