OFI & the Rawa Kuno Legacy Forest

OFI & the Rawa Kuno Legacy Forest

Join us in support of the Orangutan Foundation International and the Rawa Kuno Legacy Forest and the gentle creatures it protects.

Over twenty years ago, before we both returned to operate the family winery, the two of us ventured around the world for a year. Our first stop was Borneo. Here we worked for weeks in the rainforest with Dr. Birute Galdikas and her beloved orangutans at Camp Leakey. We fell in love with these gentle, remarkably intelligent creatures.

Dr. Galdikas has since founded the Orangutan Foundation International in hopes of preserving their diminishing habitat. The orangutan is endangered due to human activity, mainly the conversion of forest land to palm oil plantations, illegal logging, road construction and clearing for settlements. There is also a large illegal animal trade that has been a factor in the decline of nearly 50% of wild orangutans. OFI is trying to close a $400,000 gap towards purchasing, preserving and restoring 6,400 eacres of critical orangutan habitat, known as Rawa Kuno Legacy Forest.

We are offering to match any donation we receive through our network of friends, visitors and customers. We, and our forest friends, thank you.

Wishing you happiness, health and peace this holiday season,

Maria and Luisa Ponzi



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