Ponzi Classico Pinot Noir: An American Benchmark

The outstanding 2014 vintage presented an ideal opportunity to elevate this classic Pinot noir with an updated name and package.

We present “Classico” Pinot Noir, with the new name boldly emblazoned on a new strip label added to the front of the bottle.

- Second generation Winemaker Luisa Ponzi preserves the winery’s legacy of excellence, crafting a Pinot noir worthy of classic status.

- With nearly 50 years of experience crafting Oregon Pinot Noir, Ponzi Vineyards has established itself as the standard bearer among New World producers.

- The signature style was developed by Founder Dick Ponzi and initially recognized for its high quality many decades ago

- Ponzi’s oldest and most prized vineyards provide the wine’s base, rounded out by fruit from some of the finest, high elevation sites throughout the Willamette Valley.

- Luisa’s mastery of blending allows her to craft a Pinot noir that reflects the vintage while maintaining the winery’s iconic house style.

Download a map of the selected Willamette Valley Vineyards for the Classico

Ponzi Classico Vineyards Map Ponzi Classico Vineyards Map

Classico is sourced from Ponzi vineyards and selected sites from around the valley. We are fortunate to have long standing relationships with vineyard growers whose commitment to sustainability and quality mirror our own.

Ponzi Aurora Vineyard

​Elevation: 300-600ft ​

Year Planted: 1991-2006 ​

AVA: Chehalem Mountains ​

Soil: Laurelwood

Clones: 667, 777, Pommard, 115, 113, Abetina 2 Clonal Massale (22) ​

Certifications: LIVE Certified

Ponzi Avellana Vineyard

Elevation: 340-600ft

Year Planted: planted 2006-2014

AVA: Chehalem Mountains

Soil: Laurelwood

Clones: Pommard, 667, 777, 114, 115 and Clonal Massale (27)

Certifications: LIVE Certified

Alloro Vineyard

Ponzi Grower Since 2002

Elevation: 540ft

Year Planted: 1999

AVA: Chehalem Mountains

Soil: Laurelwood Soil

Clones: Pommard 777, 115

Certifications: LIVE Certified

Lazy River

Ponzi Grower Since 2002

Elevation: 366ft

AVA: Yamhill-Carlton

Soil: Jory

Clones: Pommard 4453, PN 114 Riparia G., PN 777 Riparia G, PN 113/4453. 115/4453, Wadenswil/Riparia G.

Zenith Vineyard

Ponzi Grower Since 2010

Elevation: 251ft

Year Planted: 15 years

AVA: Eola-Amity Hills

Soil Type: Marine sediments

Clones: Pommard 777, 114

Certifications: LIVE Certified

Sufi Vineyard

Ponzi Grower Since 2011

Elevation: 600-800ft

Year Planted: planted 2009

AVA: Chehalem Mountains

Soil: Laurelwood Silt Loam

Clones: Pommard/Riparia G., 115/Riparia G., 667/101-14. 777/Riparia G.

Certifications: LIVE Certified

Sunset View Ranch

Ponzi Grower Since 2009

Year Planted: 2005

Elevation: 289.44ft

AVA: Eola-Amity Hills

Soil: Chehulpum, Hazelair, Helmick, Helvetia, Jory

Clones: 777

Certifications: LIVE Certified

Gemini Vineyard

Ponzi Grower Since 2001

Elevation: 430-500ft

Vine Age: 21 years

AVA: Chehalem Mountains

Soil: Laurelwood

Clones: Pommard

Certifications: Fish Friendly, Salmon-Safe Sustainability in Practice, Low Input Viticulture & Enology

Paloma Vineyard

Ponzi Grower Since 2015


Vine Age (average):5 years

AVA:Chehalem Mountains


Clones: Clonal Massale of heritage and Dijon. 27 clones in total

Thistle Vineyard

Ponzi Grower Since 2007

Elevation: 514 ft

Year Planted: 17 years

AVA: Dundee Hills

Soil Type: Jory

Certifications: Certified Organic

Le Cadeau Vineyard

Ponzi Grower Since 2013

Elevation: 610-725

Year Planted: 1999-2008

AVA: Chehalem Mountains

Soil: Nekia, Witzel

Certifications: LIVE Certified

Bieze Vineyard

Ponzi Grower Since 2011

Elevation: 645ft

Year Planted: 2008

AVA: Eola-Amity Hills

Soil: Jory, Nokia, Ritner

Clones: 828, Wadenswil, 115, 777

Certifications: LIVE Certified


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Ponzi Classico Pinot Noir Ponzi Classico Pinot Noir